No, it is not 1 billion $ or nothing !!!!

January 18, 2015

While I am full of admiration for those leaders building great companies with a 1 billion $ valuation and above, I have exactly the same respect for thousands of entrepreneurs who are also building smaller tech businesses. I don't think that the valuation is the only criteria for making could be 1, 5, 10, 100 m $ revenues, it does not matter.


What matters is the fact that you are building a business that makes sense for your clients, your staff, your shareholders and obviously yourself. There is currently this "feeling" on the market, that if you are not able to build a 1 billion $ company as a minimum, you are nothing. I am sure that a lot of entrepreneurs will feel exactly the same ; let me share with you a few examples of those great entrepreneurs and companies: developing a business without any outside investment, being continuously profitable year after year, reinventing a business after years of challenges…,technology small and medium businesses are the source of millions of jobs in Europe and wealth creation.


I even sometimes see a risk of demotivation by entrepreneurs visiting tech investors and having as feedback to come back when they have a 1 billion $ business plan ready. There is clearly a lot of money available to invest in technology but very few projects will be a for real 1 billion $ goal; I think that tech investors should often look at other projects profiles or other geographies….

I am lucky enough to do business all over Europe and I am often amazed by the quality of the companies and their leaders, most recently in Turkey, Spain, Slovenia, Norway, France, Portugal, Belgium, Ukraine, Germany etc… otherwise I see 2 major risks: a valuation bubble as all investors are competing for the same assets and a lack funding for smaller companies.


So yes a big congrats to all those big companies reaching the 1 b$ mark but don’t forget all those other assets that are or could become fabulous companies


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