Why I’m not going to Web Summit

October 1, 2015

In an opinion piece, Tech.eu contributor Neil Murray explains why he won’t be going to Web Summit in Dublin, Lisbon or wherever the event may be held in the future.


Web Summit have recently discovered the wrath of the Irish after announcing that, from 2016, they’ll be moving the event to Lisbon, Portugal.

Although a number of reasons for the move have been given, such as “more room for expansion”, it’s clear that financials were the main driver behind the decision. In many ways, this is understandable, after all, Web Summit is a business, and it needs to make business decisions. Understandably however it has left a bad taste in the mouth with many in Ireland, as it had become an integral part of Ireland’s startup community.


At this point I should fully disclose that I have never actually been to Web Summit, various circumstances have prevented me from going, including my girlfriend’s appendix bursting two hours before I was due to get on the plane a couple of years ago, and now it looks like that will be the closest I ever get, as I have taken the decision to never go to Web Summit.


In Dublin, Lisbon or anywhere else.


No, I’m not secretly half-Irish with a grudge to bear over the recent move, however the underlying motives that played a part in that decision, do play a part in mine.


Call me old-fashioned, but I believe startup events should be beneficial to startups, and that their primary goal should be to deliver a valuable experience to the young companies that attend the event. As the event has grown bigger and bigger over the last couple of years, it has been more difficult for the Web Summit to deliver value to the attending startups – so I’ve been told by many of them – and it appears they’ve almost become an afterthought to the glitz and glamour, and the desire to make money.


Web Summit first entered my bad books a couple of years ago, when I became sick to death of their spam. Because that’s what it is, spam. Pretty much daily emails selling tickets to an event. While on one hand you have to secretly admire their aggressive marketing strategy, on the other, it’s incredibly annoying and intrusive.

Please find all the article here : http://tech.eu/features/6203/no-web-summit-for-me/

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