Slush : how the North is bringing creativity, high energy and enthusiasm to the world of technology ?

November 23, 2015

A lot of friends were telling me that I should attend as it was quite unique….and guess what, I was not disappointed but clearly amazed by the incredible level of energy and enthusiasm around the event….1500 start-up coming from all over the world, hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs in a great and relaxed atmosphere…too often, such events are sophisticated , with a little bit of arrogance and no real value. Here people are humble and ready to meet/discuss/share/ could be an entrepreneur, an executive, a big company, an angel, a lawyer, an advisor coming from the Nordics, Europe, eastern Europe, Asia, USA, LATAM…it is open bar and open discussion…and it is really refreshing; I had the chance to meet with a lot of entrepreneurs all having this passion and enthusiasm…..from a 1 single founder company to much bigger global businesses…obviously the usual current internet, mobile and cloud business but also some really innovative in healthcare, education, etc….my last meeting with a great entrepreneur from Lithuania, former farmer, building now a farming data management systems.


I am not surprised that slush has become the number one event in Europe and one of the biggest in the world as it is much more than an event, it is to showcase how the world of technology will evolve in the next 5, 10, 20 years….New York, san Francisco obviously, London are all cities full of energy, enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, innovation but watch out, the next wave is coming from the North !!!!!


A tip for the ones planning to go next year, don’t wear a suit or a tie, you will look like from another century, also better not being shaved the last 2 or 3 days, wear a t-shirt and be prepared to party all night !!!! then, you will be ready to be part of the Slush community !!!

In a period when Finland is still struggling to recover from the crisis and the post trauma Nokia syndrome, there is no better way to fight back


I can’t wait to come back next year


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